The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for. —Tucker Max, Assholes Finish First  (via lil-miss-macabre)
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They’re dragons, Khaleesi. They can never be tamed. Not even by their mother.

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The Winter Soldier

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 A Crown for a King; A Rose for a Queen

If there’s one event that the fashionistas of Westeros are all looking forward to, it’ll be the big, royal wedding between Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell. 

"It was majestic, it was shimmering," said Jack Gleeson, who played the teenage despot. "I think that’s what Joffrey likes, something ostentatious and grand."

But there are hints everywhere — even in the complementary crowns made for the king and his bride — that Joffrey is getting more than he bargained for with Margaery. Dornish roses are creeping stealthily around and over Joffrey’s crown; and then, there’s also the small matter of Margaery’s wedding dress. Every rose has its thorn, and the bride’s extravagant rosette skirt gives way to a decidedly dangerous bodice. x

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Chris Evans Alphabet → Captain America

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We used to be best buddies,

But now we’re not.

I wish you would tell me why…

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you’re not a puzzle-solver, you never have been. you’re a drama queen. the stakes are high, the game is on, solve it!

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Make me choose  » anonymous asked Jon/Ygritte or Jon/Dany?

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41 -42 | 100 - Jeremy Renner

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Take a good look at yourself in the mirror — that’s you, that’s the way you are. And if people don’t like you that way, you might as well forget them. —Niki Lauda (via mscaroll)
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